Mastering the 75 Soft Challenge A Step-by-Step Guide


75 Soft Challenge

The 75 Soft challenge has become an increasingly popular New Year’s resolution over the last few years. The idea behind it is to read 75 self-help, personal development, or “soft” skills books within a calendar year to help better yourself. While the number 75 itself is completely arbitrary, the challenge pushes people to widely expand their knowledge.

Attempting to read 75 books in 12 months may seem daunting to some. However, by implementing a step-by-step strategy, achieving this goal is very feasible. Here is a guide on how you can master the 75 Soft challenge.

Set a Reading Goal

First, establish a set reading goal. Will you aim for the full 75 books? Or is a smaller, more attainable number better for you? There’s no right or wrong here – select a quantity you genuinely think you can achieve. Remember, reading just 20 more books than you normally would is still admirable.

Create a Reading List

Next, compile a list of 75 books you would potentially like to read. This is the time to assess your interests and subjects you’d like to study further. Do you want to focus solely on personal development? Or also business, finances, health, etc.? Search best seller lists, award winners, podcast/Youtube recommendations, subreddits like r/books, and Input a range of fiction and non-fiction covering diverse topics.

Break into Monthly Targets

Now divide your reading goal into monthly targets. If striving for the full 75 book challenge, that equates to roughly six to seven books per month. Going for 40 books? Aim to finish around three to four books every 30 days. Defining incremental objectives makes your overall target less overwhelming.

Calculate Pages Per Day

Given your monthly book targets, calculate the number of pages you’ll need to average per day using the following formula:

  1. Add up the total number of pages across the books you plan on reading that month.
  2. Divide this page sum by 30.
  3. The result is your designated daily page count. So if Month 1’s books equal 3,500 cumulative pages, your quota would be 117 pages per day.

Create Reminders

Reading requires dedication, so set reminders to keep you accountable. Schedule daily alarms reminding you to read. Download book quotes or cover images to inspire you every time you glance at your phone. Even put post-it page targets inside each book, moving the sticker upon completion.

Find A Reading Location

Determine a consistent place for reading every single day, even if only for 30 to 60 minutes. This location should be quiet, comfortable, free of distractions, and strictly for reading only. No phones, TVs blaring, or loud family members around. This space will train your mind and body to enter reading mode.

Just Read

Ultimately, mastering the 75 book challenge requires doing one simple thing: read. Passively counting down pages or months is fruitless. Actively read every day to make consistent progress. Don’t break target page counts down into smaller incomplete chunks. Regularly read the full daily allotment.

Take Effective Notes

You retain information best when engaging with the text. So actively take notes as you read, on the book itself or in a reading journal. Underline key passages. Write a brief book summary after completion. Jot down memorable quotes. Record how the book personally impacted you. Even discuss it with others. Whatever sticks most.

Mix Up Genres and Topics

While routine develops discipline, diversify your reading materials to prevent burnout. Sprinkle in both fiction for enjoyment and educational non-fiction aligned with interests. Alternate history lessons, financial guides, sci-fi adventures, cutting-edge technologies, ancient philosophy – explore it all! Variety sustains motivation.

Repeat and Reflect

After finishing the 12 month challenge, reflect on books that resonated most. Which transformed perspectives or habits? Re-read these immediately to strengthen their effects. Then confidently repeat a new 75 Soft challenge, selecting upgraded reading materials tailored to newly discovered knowledge gaps begging further exploration on your never-ending journey of self-improvement.


Through calculated planning, consistent dedication, and actually reading on a daily basis – mastering the 75 book challenge is completely manageable. Implement the step-by-step guide above to fully reap intellectual and personal development gains over the next exciting year of non-stop reading. The challenge ultimately pushes you to step outside comfort zones, open the mind, and prioritize self-education through books over any other form of entertainment.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the 75 Soft challenge:

How do you make time to read 75 books per year?

Reading just 1 hour per day enables me to finish about 75 books annually. Wake up 30 minutes earlier to read or listen to audiobooks during daily commutes. Ultimately, scheduled reading time must become non-negotiable.

What counts as reading? Can audiobooks qualify?

Yes, audiobooks fully count, as do ebooks and physical books. Any book format helping you digest more literature faster scales reading volume.

What types of books align best with the “Soft Skills” theme?

Self-help, personal development, business, financial, physical health, communication, leadership, and career-focused books ideally fit the “Soft Skills” objective. But any non-fiction genre expanding the mind can qualify.

How do you select the 75 books?

Search best-selling lists, notable non-fiction pieces, award winners, recommendations from influencers, bibliographies of thought leaders, and use Goodreads to discover well-reviewed options tailored to your interests.

What if you fall behind on the challenge?

Re-evaluate monthly targets, catch up during free pockets of time, listen to audiobooks at faster speeds, and remind yourself that reading even 25 more books per year still massively elevates knowledge.

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