Your Guide to CVS Flu Shot 2022 Stay Protected


cvs flu shot 2022

The CDC recommends getting your CVS flu shot 2022 in late September or early October before flu season kicks into high gear, but getting vaccinated anytime during the fall and winter months can still offer protection. Flu activity often continues well into spring, so if you haven’t gotten your shot yet, you should still get it now. The flu shot fully kicks in about two weeks after you get it.

Where to Get a Flu Shot from CVS

CVS Pharmacy has over 9,900 retail locations nationwide that offer convenient walk-in flu shots, no appointment needed. Most stores have a dedicated flu shot clinic set up each fall where a trained pharmacy technician can quickly administer your vaccination. Many CVS locations inside Target stores also provide flu shots daily. Check to see if your local store offers walk-in flu shots.

CVS also offers easy prescription refills and care items to relieve flu symptoms if you do happen to come down with the virus after vaccination. Their pharmacists can answer any medication questions and recommend over-the-counter products to help you recover more comfortably at home.

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Who Should Get a Flu Shot?

The CDC recommends everyone 6 months and older get an annual flu vaccination, with few exceptions. Vaccinating kids, pregnant patients, seniors, those with chronic health conditions, and healthcare workers are especially crucial to help prevent dangerous flu complications in vulnerable groups.

Flu Shot Cost & Insurance at CVS

Most health insurance plans cover flu shots from CVS at no charge to the patient. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you, as your vaccine will be processed through your insurance. Uninsured patients can get a flu shot from CVS for roughly $40-$50, although Express Scripts members may receive discounted cash pricing for around $30. State and manufacturer vaccine program prices can also reduce costs for uninsured patients to as low as $10-20 per shot. CVS also offers 20% shopping passes valid for future CVS Health purchases if you get your shot with them.

CVS Flu Shot 2022 Options

The standard trivalent and quadrivalent flu shots that contain inactivated influenza virus are appropriate for most healthy patients. Cell-based and recombinant flu vaccines may be given to certain high-risk patients aged 4 years and up. For seniors 65 and older, the Fluzone High Dose® or FLUAD® shots are specifically designed to boost immune response in older adults. Be sure to consult your doctor about which type of flu vaccine is right for you.

Stay Protected with a CVS Flu Shot

Don’t wait – visit your neighborhood CVS Pharmacy or retail clinic now to get your annual flu vaccination. Protect yourself and loved ones by taking advantage of their convenient walk-in flu shots before the winter influenza surge. Getting vaccinated remains the best way for you and your community to stay healthy.


An annual flu shot is universally recommended to keep individuals protected every flu season. CVS Pharmacies nationwide provide easy and convenient access to flu vaccinations on a walk-in basis. Be sure to get vaccinated by late fall, before flu activity reaches its peak in the colder winter months. Most insurance plans will cover CVS flu shots at no cost, after which discounts may apply for uninsured patients. Don’t delay – visit CVS and get your flu vaccination today!


When does CVS start giving flu shots?

Most CVS retail pharmacies begin administering flu shots in early to mid-September through their convenient walk-in flu shot clinics.

Does CVS take walk-ins for flu shots?

Yes, patients can conveniently get a flu shot at CVS pharmacy locations without an appointment through their walk-in flu shot clinics.

What days/times can I get a flu shot at CVS pharmacy?

Flu shots are available daily during regular CVS Pharmacy hours, typically from early morning to late evenings including weekends. Check your specific store’s hours.

How long do flu shots take to work?

It takes roughly two weeks after vaccination for flu shot antibodies to fully provide effective protection against the influenza virus.

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