Top Tips for a Smooth CVS Flu Shot walk-in Experience


cvs flu shot walk-in

As fall transitions to winter, flu season arrives, making now an ideal time to get vaccinated. Getting an annual flu shot is the best line of defense to help protect yourself and loved ones from influenza. The convenience and accessibility of CVS walk-in flu shots make getting vaccinated easy. With over 9,900 pharmacy locations nationwide, you can get your flu shot without an appointment at a time that fits your schedule. The process of getting a flu shot at CVS without an appointment is straightforward. The actual vaccination only takes a few seconds, making CVS flu shots a quick and convenient option.

Preparing for Your CVS Flu Shot Walk-In

While CVS flu shots don’t require appointments, it’s wise to do a bit of preparation in advance for an easy experience:

Confirm your eligibility 

Everyone 6 months and older is recommended to get vaccinated against the flu every year. CVS has vaccine options for eligible adults and children over age 3.

Know your insurance 

Bring your medical and prescription insurance cards if you have coverage to submit claims. Without insurance, you’ll pay the retail cash price set by your local CVS pharmacy.

Bring ID 

Depending on your state’s laws, you may need a valid photo ID for verification of age, identity, etc.

Check online for pharmacy hours 

Verify when your local CVS pharmacy administers walk-in shots to plan your visit.

Making the Most of Your CVS Flu Shot Walk-In Experience

Here are some tips for making the most of your CVS flu shot visit:

  • Visit during non-peak times – Mornings on weekdays tend to be less busy with shorter wait times for walk-ins.
  • Wear accessible clothing – Wear a top with sleeves that can easily be lifted to expose your upper arm for the shot.
  • Review vaccination paperwork – Use wait time to review the vaccine manufacturer fact sheet and any forms to accelerate the process.
  • Ask the pharmacist questions – They are fully qualified to answer any vaccine questions or concerns you may have.

What to Expect During and After Your CVS Flu Shot

When you request a walk-in flu shot, the CVS pharmacist will verify your information, insurance, and eligibility. They will then review side effects, precautions, and health screening questions prior to administering the vaccine.

The actual flu shot only takes a few seconds. You’ll feel the needle prick when injected into your upper arm muscle. After, you’ll be directed to wait nearby for 10-15 minutes of observation to ensure you don’t experience any immediate adverse reactions. Side effects like soreness, headache, fever or nausea sometimes occur within the next day or two as your immune system responds. 

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Get ahead of cold and flu season by conveniently getting your annual flu shot on a walk-in basis at CVS. With preventative vaccination and healthy habits, you’ll stand the best chance of staying well this flu season. So don’t delay – visit your neighborhood CVS pharmacy to get your flu shot today!


Can You Walk-In at CVS for a Flu Shot?

Yes, flu shots are available on a walk-in basis without an appointment at CVS pharmacy locations nationwide while supplies last. To get your shot, simply visit the pharmacy counter and request vaccination.

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot?

Over 9,900 CVS pharmacy stores across the U.S. offer flu shots for walk-in patients during regular pharmacy hours. Check for locations and specific pharmacy hours near you.

How Long is the Wait for a CVS Flu Shot Walk-In?

Wait times vary but tend to be shortest on weekday mornings. With thousands of pharmacies nationwide, CVS administers nearly 10 million flu shots per year – more than any other retail chain. So in most cases, CVS is equipped to deliver shots efficiently with little wait even on a walk-in basis.

Are CVS Flu Shots Available for Walk-Ins?

Yes, all CVS pharmacies provide CDC-approved flu shots for walk-in patients over the age of 3 during the annual vaccine season from August through the Spring while vaccine supplies last. No appointment is necessary for eligible patients.

What Should I Bring for a CVS Walk-In Flu Shot?

Be sure to bring any medical/prescription insurance cards to submit claims. You’ll pay the cash retail price set by the pharmacy if uninsured. Additionally, bring a valid photo ID for verification depending on your applicable state laws. Finally, wear clothing allowing easy access to your upper arm for quick vaccination.


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