7 Ways How to Get Water Out of My Ear Safely Remove


How to Get Water Out of My Ear

Getting water trapped in your ears can be uncomfortable and irritating. Water stuck in the ears may cause symptoms like earache, itching, ringing or dampened hearing. While in most cases water drains out on its own, sometimes it may get lodged deep inside the ear canal leading to pain and infection. There are some simple, safe home remedies you can try yourself to get rid of the water clogged in your ears. 

Ways How to get water out of my ear

Here are 7 easy ways to help remove water from ears quickly at home:

Use Gravity

One of the easiest ways to get water out of ears is by using gravity. Tilt your head to the side which has the clogged water while keeping the opposite ear pointing towards the ceiling. Place a towel under your ear to avoid spillage. Shake your head gently allowing the trapped fluid to drain out. You can also hop on one leg to dislodge the liquid. The change in head position and movement allows water to get dislodged.

Blow Dry

Using a blow dryer on the lowest heat and speed setting can help evaporate water trapped in the ear canal. Make sure the air blows towards the clogged ear from a safe distance of about 6 inches. Avoid placing it directly over or inside the ear which can burn your ear. The gentle warmed airflow helps dry out excess moisture allowing water to drain out easily.

Use Steam

Inhaling steam is an effective way to remove water stuck in the ears. Boil water in a large bowl or pot and remove from heat. Drape a towel over your head and carefully hover over the steaming water. Inhale the vapors for 5- 10 minutes allowing the steam to enter the ear canals. The heat from the steam softens earwax and drains out the trapped fluid.

Alcohol/Vinegar Ear Drops

Ear Drops made with rubbing alcohol or vinegar contain drying agents that can help absorb leftover moisture in the ears. Mix equal parts of alcohol or vinegar with water. Tilt your head sideways and instill 2-3 drops in the clogged ear using an eyedropper. Allow it to stay for a few minutes to work before tilting in the opposite direction to drain out. The solution helps dry out stuck fluids.

Hot Compress

Applying something warm against the affected ear can help open the eustachian tubes allowing trapped water to drain out. Soak a clean washcloth in hot water, wring out excess and place it over the ear for 5 minutes. You can repeat a few times. The heat helps to evaporate the residual water while the pressure allows fluids to get released. Be careful not to burn your ear.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The bubbling action of hydrogen peroxide can help dislodge water stuck in the ears. Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with equal parts water. Tilt head sideways and use an eyedropper to put 2-3 drops in the plugged ear. Keep it for a few minutes before tilting on the opposite side to drain out. The effervescent effect helps push out excess fluids. Use this method once a day to avoid irritation.

Try an Ear Dryer

Ear dryers are specially designed devices that use warm air to dry out clogged ears. They are safe, efficient and prevent swimmer’s ear infections. Turn on the ear dryer, set it to a comfortable temperature and place the nozzle near the opening of the wet ear without inserting it inside. Angle it to allow maximum airflow into the ear canal for 5 minutes. The dry, gentle stream of air removes all residual dampness quickly.

When to See a Doctor

If home treatments do not relieve the water logged feeling in ears, or you experience severe pain, hearing loss, ringing or dizziness then visit your doctor immediately. The excess fluid buildup can cause ear infections or injure the eardrums if left untreated.

A doctor can flush out the ears properly with a special water suction instrument to drain out all the trapped water and wax. Antibiotic drops may be prescribed if an infection develops. In rare cases, surgical repair is needed if the eardrum gets perforated.


Getting water trapped in the ears can cause discomfort, pain and potential infections if left untreated. Fortunately, there are several safe and easy home remedies that can help remove water clogged in the ears.


  1. Why does water get stuck in my ear?

Water can get trapped in the ears due to wax buildup, narrow/curvy ear canals or even too much time in water which causes moisture retention issues.

  1. How long does water trapped in ear last?

Water stuck in the ear usually goes away on its own within 1-2 days. But immediate removal is better to prevent infection.

  1. Can I go deaf from water in my ear?

Water trapped in the ears is unlikely to cause deafness unless left too long. But it can muffle hearing which gets better once water drains out. Seek medical care if you experience lasting hearing loss.

  1. What happens if I leave water in my ear too long?

Leaving water stagnant in ears for too long can increase risk of swimmer’s ear or outer ear infections. It may also injure the eardrum or cause problems like tinnitus.

  1. Can I use olive oil to remove water from ear?

Yes, you can use olive oil drops to help break earwax and lubricate the ear canal for easy water drainage. Place 2-3 drops, let it sit for 5 minutes then tilt head sideways to drain out.

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