Purple Toothpaste: Benefits, Effectiveness, and Safety


purple toothpaste

While sparkling brands with special add-ins may fill store shelves, the basics formulated to promote healthy teeth tend to serve us best. Backed by science and dentist recommendations, these trusted toothpastes keep our smiles bright while guarding against decay when used properly.

Purple Toothpaste Instructions:

When used properly over time, purple toothpaste here are some typical instructions for properly using purple toothpaste to whiten your teeth:

  1. Brush your teeth as normal with your regular toothpaste first.
  2. Brush for 1-2 minutes, occasionally spitting out excess paste. Many purple pastes suggest brushing for 3-5 minutes for optimal stain removal. But ease into this longer duration to monitor for sensitivity.
  3. Spit carefully as purple toothpastes can temporarily stain sinks and countertops. Wipe surfaces clean after to prevent staining.
  4. Use purple whitening toothpaste daily for at least 2-4 weeks up to twice per day. Consistency is key to lift stains. But ease into more frequent use if you notice any sensitivity or irritation.
  5. Store your purple toothpaste tightly sealed as many formulas dry out quickly.

However the timeframe can vary based on the severity of stains, genetics, and oral care routines. More dramatic results may be seen after 3-6 months.

Does Purple Toothpaste Really Work?

Yes, when used properly purple toothpaste can safely and effectively whiten your teeth 1-3 shades. Thousands of positive customer reviews and before and after photos demonstrate the efficacy of popular brands like Hello activated charcoal and Crest 3D White Brilliance with blue covarine.

However, it will not work instantaneously overnight. It requires diligent use for at least 2-4 weeks to start seeing a slow but noticeable color transformation. And the full effects are usually observed after 3-6 months. So you need to use it consistently as part of your regular oral care routine.

You also need to ensure you are using an appropriately abrasive formula designed specifically for whitening. Some brands use inactive fillers and purple dyes without efficacious whitening agents. So check reviews and ingredients to ensure legitimate activated charcoal or blue covarine are included at therapeutic concentrations.

Is Purple Toothpaste Safe?

When choosing a reputable brand formulated for specifically for teeth whitening, purple toothpaste is generally quite safe. Both activated charcoal and blue covarine have been deemed non-toxic for oral use by governing health organizations.

However, activated charcoal can be abrasive and damage enamel with improper use. So you should use activated charcoal toothpaste gently no more than 2x per day with soft bristles. And thoroughly rinse your mouth after to prevent charcoal pigments from staining mouth tissue.

Blue covarine on the other hand binds safely to proteins in saliva and tooth enamel to create a temporary whitening effect on your teeth’s surface. It will rinse away and requires reapplication 1-2x per day. But it is less abrasive than charcoal formulas.

Other Whitening Methods

While convenient and cheaper than professional treatments, purple toothpastes tend to produce gradual, modest whitening results over an extended timeframe. So they may not be the best choice if you have severe discoloration or want dramatic results quickly.

  • Uses the highest legal concentration of whitening gel with special light technology to accelerate results.
  • Custom Take-Home Whitening Trays: Provides customized trays loaded with strong peroxide gel to safely whiten 6-10 shades when used daily for 1-2 weeks.

So consider stepping up to these stronger solutions if you have severely discolored teeth or are in a time crunch. Professional whitening can burnish your smile by as much as 10 shades in as little as 1-2 weeks. Just take sensitivity precautions.


Purple toothpaste offers an affordable, natural way to gently yet effectively whiten your teeth 1-3 shades when used properly over 2-6 months. It utilizes special active ingredients like activated charcoal or blue covarine to lift intrinsic stains without negative health consequences. Just be patient with the gradual process, use soft motions and monitor for irritation. And consider professional whitening methods for more dramatic results in less time. Keep smiling with a bright white grin!


Q: How long does it take for purple toothpaste to work?

A: It takes 2-4 weeks of consistent use to start seeing a 1-2 shade improvement. The full whitening effects build up slowly over 3-6 months for 1-3 shade lightening. Everyone’s results timeline varies based on causes of stains, genetics, age, and diligence with use.

Q: Can purple toothpaste damage your teeth?

A: When used as directed, leading brands with non-toxic ingredients like activated charcoal and blue covarine are safe for enamel. But improper, aggressive scrubbing with highly abrasive formulas can wear down enamel over time. So gently massage it into teeth no more than 2x per day with soft bristles unless indicated otherwise by the manufacturer or your dentist.

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