How Can You Smoke Shrooms? Step By Step Guide


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can you smoke shrooms

Yes, you can smoke Shrooms, but whether or not eating it gives you psychedelic effects is another story. This article will explore the complete guide about shrooms.

What Happens When Smoking Shrooms?

When smoking shrooms, the absence of psychological effects comes down to temperature. The psilocybin compound breaks down at high temperatures. So lighting up shrooms kills the main ingredient responsible for the trippy effects.The trip also lasts for a shorter duration – about 15-30 minutes rather than 4-6 hours from oral ingestion. These effects from smoking shrooms include:

  • Altered sensory perception – Colors, sounds, and shapes can become distorted and intensified
  • Euphoria and sense of wellbeing 
  • Creative and philosophical thoughts
  • Spiritual or mystical experiences
  • Enhanced introspection 

The effects tend to be more rapid when smoking shrooms compared to ingesting them orally. However, smoking does not make the trip more intense. The intensity depends on the dosage rather than the method of intake. 

Smoking shrooms also lasts shorter – about 15 to 30 minutes rather than 4 to 6 hours with oral ingestion.

Risks of Smoking Shrooms

While smoking shrooms can provide a psychedelic high quickly, it does come with certain risks:

Lung Irritation

Like smoking any other substance, inhaling shroom smoke can irritate the lungs and throat.

Increased Anxiety and Paranoia

Smoked psilocybin enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain rapidly. This sudden flood of psychedelic compounds can amplify anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, or confusion – especially in large doses. It increases the risk of having a difficult trip.  

Wasted Shrooms 

The heat from smoking destroys some of the delicate psilocybin compounds. So you end up wasting part of your precious stash of shrooms.

Short Trips

As mentioned earlier, smoking magic mushrooms leads to much shorter trips compared to oral ingestion. If you want longer, deeper self-reflection or spiritual journeys, eating mushrooms is better.

No Further High 

Once you come down from a smoked shroom trip after 30 minutes, you cannot get high again by smoking more immediately. You build instant tolerance after the first dose, so further smoking is rather ineffective. 

While smoking can provide a faster shroom trip, it carries higher psychological and physiological health risks. You also end up wasting some quantity and get shorter low-quality highs only.

How to Smoke Shrooms? Technique Guide

If you still wish to give smoking shrooms a try after considering the pros and cons, here are some techniques to smoke them right:   

What You’ll Need

  • Dried magic mushrooms 
  • Cannabis pipe, bong, or vaporizer 
  • Torch lighter
  • Grinder

Step 1: Grind the Dried Shrooms

Use a herb grinder to break down dried shroom pieces into powder. Whole mushrooms won’t smoke evenly. Getting your mushrooms into a coarse grind allows for smooth, consistent smoking.

Step 2: Load the Bowl 

Pack the powdered shrooms into your pipe, bong bowl, or vaporizer chamber. Sprinkling a mix of ground cannabis or tobacco can make it easier to smoke. But shroom powder alone also works.  

Step 3: Ignite and Inhale

Hold the flame of your lighter or torch 1-2 inches above your bowl. This allows you to heat the shrooms directly without burning all the compounds instantly. After a few seconds, the powder will ignition. Inhale like you would smoke cannabis or tobacco.  

Repeat re-lighting and inhaling as needed based on your pack and pipe size – aim to finish the bowl in one session because shrooms build instant tolerance.  Smoke all powder thoroughly to avoid waste and get the most out of your dose.

Optional Step: Use a Vaporizer 

For a smoother experience, consider using a dry herb vaporizer for your shrooms. Vaporizing heats mushrooms to temperatures perfect for inhaling active compounds smoothly without true combustion or irritating smoke. It leads to ultra-pure, clean vapor while ensuring no psychedelic molecules go to waste.

Pro Trip Tips

Follow these tips when smoking shrooms for better trips:

  • Grind shrooms finely into a powdery consistency for proper vaporization
  • Use a vaporizer over combustion methods for a forgiving experience 
  • Mix in cannabis or herbs like lavender to make smoking easier 
  • Hydrate frequently during your trip
  • Have a trip sitter to watch over your safety just in case
  • Start very small – less than 0.5 grams initially
  • Avoid smoking shrooms if you have respiratory issues
  • Never drive or operate vehicles while high 

In Conclusion

Smoking psilocybin mushrooms can induce psychoactive effects faster but with higher risks and shorter duration. Oral consumption leads to longer, safer trips and avoids lung irritation. But if smoking shrooms responsibly with the right technique, the experience can still prove fulfilling. Just practice the necessary precautions as you explore this psychedelic method.


What are the risks of smoking shrooms?

Risks include lung irritation, increased anxiety/paranoia, wasted mushrooms, very short trips, and inability to get high again after the first dose.  

How long does smoking shrooms last?  

Trips from smoked shrooms typically last 15 to 30 minutes on average. This is much shorter than the 4+ hour trips from eating mushrooms.

Is smoking shrooms more intense than eating them?

No, smoking shrooms does not intensify the psychedelic experience compared to oral ingestion assuming dosage remains the same. The intensity depends primarily on the consumed dosage rather than a method of intake when it comes to shrooms.  

Can you smoke shrooms in a joint? 

Yes, you can roll powdered shrooms in a marijuana joint or blunt. However, this is still combustion from smoking so it carries higher risks than vaporization methods in terms of lung health and shroom potency loss.

What’s the best way to smoke shrooms?

Grinding dried magic mushrooms into a fine powder and vaporizing them in a clean device provides the smoothest, most efficient shroom smoking sessions with fewer health risks or potency loss.

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