Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife Norma Gibson True Love Story


Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson – Humans always cast their votes for love to triumph. But for some folks, their happy ending simply never comes. In Tyrese and Norma Gibson’s marriage, such was the situation. Regretfully, their relationship worsened to the point where a contentious court battle ensued, and their separation was just the start of a downward spiral. What led to this situation? That’s what this piece aims to cover.

Norma Gibson A Life Beyond the Limelight

We don’t know if Norma had a career before courting or marrying Tyrese. However, we know she refused to locate one during her legal battle. Although the child support agreement obliged her to acquire a job to support her daughter, Norma stated that living life is her job. She also stated that she is working on her personal life, writing a book, and running errands at home.

If Norma held a career prior to dating or getting married to Tyrese is unknown. But we do know that during her legal battle, she refused to locate one. Living life is her profession, according to Norma, even though the child support agreement forced her to work in order to support her daughter. She added that she runs errands at home, works on her book, and works on her life. Dylan Hoffman

Who is Tyrese Gibson?

As we’ve already established, Norma was unknown to the public until she wed Tyrese Gibson. That made sense considering how well-known he is. Tyrese is multi-talented. In addition, he starred in a number of other films, including “Death Race,” “Legion,” and “Baby Boy.” However, Tyrese has made a number of contributions outside of the entertainment sector. His book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” is a reflection on identity and self-redefinition. In addition, he co-wrote “Manology,” a book that addresses many relationship and life skills.

Norma and Tyrese Marriage

Norma bonded instantly with Tyrese when she first saw him in 2002 while still a student. In 2007 both separated from each other. Remarkably, they concealed their union from the general public. The fact that no one was aware of the newlyweds’ situation predicted what would happen next.

Norma and Tyrese Divorce

Norma and Tyrese made their divorce public in 2009. Given how brief their marriage had been, that was startling news. To take care of their kid Shyla, both people were ready to collaborate and were mature about their split. She went so far as to say that he had beaten their daughter. After learning that professional football player Ray Rice had been involved in a domestic abuse incident, Norma made the decision to confront Tyrese.

Her goal was to empower victims of domestic abuse by making them feel understood and inspiring them to share their experiences. Norma ultimately made the decision to sue Tyrese. Kase Abusharkh and Amy Berry

When the court discovered that Tyrese had employed a private detective to keep an eye on his daughter and ex-wife, it granted Norma temporary custody of Shyla. In addition, it gave her a protection order against Tyrese. Gibson responded to these allegations by acknowledging that he had only ever hit Shyla in the butt once, but he insisted that he had never touched Norma.

Norma Lawsuit against Tyrese

An tumultuous legal struggle resulted from attempts to obtain complete custody of Shyla. Tyrese is bipolar, according to Norma, who also accused him of physical and emotional abuse. She claimed that he was always picking conflicts with others and that he had her hide his physical aggression. 

Tyrese responded angrily to these allegations. In one interview, he said that he married Norma primarily to keep her in the United States. He didn’t want his daughter to live abroad with her mother because she was from London. After several months of litigation, the court awarded joint custody to both parents. Sadly, that was not how the tale ended. Shyla wanted to take part in extracurricular activities, so they had another court meeting.

Her father disapproved since he believed she still needed to improve her academic standing. However, Norma felt it was adequate and encouraged Shyla to participate in school plays and athletics. In the end, the court took Norma’s side.


We know very little about Norma Gibson outside of her marriage to Tyrese Gibson. While their relationship began well, it gradually deteriorated, with both parties engaged in a contentious legal battle for full custody of Shyla.


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