What is Shungite and How Does It Work?



Shungite is a rare black mineraloid made almost entirely of carbon. It is found primarily near Shunga village in Russia, which gives the mineral its name. Shungite has been used for centuries for its mystical healing properties and to purify water, air, and soil. But how exactly does this unusual mineral work?

Shungite is approximately 98% carbon, mainly in the form of fullerenes – spherical, hollow carbon molecules. The high concentration of fullerenes gives shungite strong antioxidant properties. The mineral also contains trace amounts of copper, iron, and other minerals. Shungite has electric conductivity properties due to the natural infrared radiation it emits. This allows it to neutralize negative energies and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

When shungite comes in contact with water, air, soil, or even human skin, the fullerenes transfer electrons to neutralize free radicals and purify whatever the mineral has touched. Shungite essentially brings balance where there is imbalance in the body or environment. Let’s explore the main uses and benefits of shungite stones to see these purification powers in action.

Uses of Shungite Stones

Water Purification

A common use for shungite is in water filters or solutions. Fullerenes within the stones infuse water with antioxidants while purifying it from bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, sediments and other contaminants. Shungite water has been hailed for its rejuvenating and longevity effects.

EMF Protection

The electromagnetic conductivity of shungite offer a protective energy shield from wifi router, computer, cellphone and other device emissions. Shungite EMF blockers placed around a space absorb and neutralize up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation. They turn positive ions into negative ions to stabilize highly charged air particles.

Air Purification

Similarly to water, shungite stones can filter out allergens, toxins, fungi and bacteria as contaminated air circulates around it. Many air purifiers use shungite filters since they also enrich air with antioxidants, negative ions and a fresh charge.


Some shungite jewelry such as the elite shungite bracelet is worn for its mystical healing and protective powers. The beautiful black stone can also be shaped into necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, and other accessories and crafts.

Land Remediation

Shungite has been used to revive contaminated and nutrient-depleted soils. Spreading shungite powder helps soils regain vitality, microflora biodiversity and the ability to nourish plantlife with vital nutrients and minerals once again.

Benefits of Shungite

Energizing Effect

Shungite re energizes sluggish cells and vital organs by inputting antioxidants delivered by fullerenes and increasing the charge potential in cell membranes. Better cellular respiration leads to better vitality.


The bioactive compound of shungite called Shungite Carbon has amazing anti-inflammatory powers that help address pain, arthritis, injuries, allergies, skin conditions and even insect bites.

Antioxidant Protection

Shungite bears the strongest natural antioxidant effects found on Earth according to leading Russian analyses. Oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation, cancers, accelerated aging, brain degeneration, liver issues and a host of other health problems.

Longevity & Cellular Regeneration

Recharging vital organs, reducing oxidative damage and amplifying cellular energy all have rejuvenating effects. From boosting immunity to slowing the biological aging process, shungite promotes longevity from the inside out.


The detoxification properties of shungite have been well-studied. Whether purifying water, air, soil or the body itself, the minerals deliver deep cleansing effects that remove even radioactive particles and other hard-to-filter out substances.


Shungite is a true marvel of nature with its unmatched water purification capacities, antioxidant powers, anti-inflammatory effects and detoxification properties unlike any other natural mineral on Earth. Whether crafting shungite pyramids or wearing jewelry beads made from this magical stone, many stand by its mystical healing influence.

As more research is conducted on these somber black stones from Russia and the Lake Onega region, we continue to learn about shungite and its great potential to provide natural remedies, protect human health as well as environmental wellness. Give shungite products a try and see if you notice a positive difference!


What are the origins of shungite?

Shungite gets its name from the village Shunga in Russia located near the Lake Onega region where shungite naturally occurs in abundance. These ancient minerals formed nearly 2 billion years ago from single-celled organisms and volcanic activity.

What are fullerenes?

Fullerenes, made of carbon atoms bonded into hollow spheres or tubes, are the key active molecule within shungite. Their spherical shape allows them totransfer electrons easily, which is the basis of shungite’s purification powers.

Why is shungite so expensive?

High-quality elite shungite is very rare, found in only one location on Earth – the Zazhoginskoye deposit mine in Russia that yields shungite making up 30% or more carbon. The supply is very limited, leading authentic elite shungite to have hefty price tags.

Can you put shungite stones in water?

Yes, the ideal way to create shungite water for drinking is filling a glass carafe or jug with spring water or filtered water. Add several shungite stones and allow the water to filter for at least 12 hours before consuming for best antioxidant results. Replace stones annually.

How do you clean shungite?

While shungite technically self-cleans due to its purification properties, you can wash the stones with mild soap and water. Use an old toothbrush if needed to gently scrub any grime. Always completely dry stones before placing them into jewelry, water or other applications.


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