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Starbucks Oleato

Starbucks Oleato has launched an olive oil-infused iced beverage called “Oleato”, putting a flavorful and functional twist. Keep reading to learn all about this groundbreaking new offering from your favorite coffee giant.

A Modern Makeover  

With Oleato, master Starbucks blenders found a way to temper the oil’s aggressiveness by expertly emulsifying it into chilled dairy and fruit mixes along with native Italian extra virgin olive oil from Partanna, Sicily. The result is a smooth, not-too-rich elixir that still retains olive oil’s distinctive peppery bite. Offered over ice in brightly hued cups, Oleato beverages are at once nostalgic nods to ancient wellness wisdom and exciting innovations in coffeehouse refreshments.

Flavor Without Compromise, Function With Finesse  

Starbucks refused to compromise on flavor with Oleato – even with the formidable challenge of making olive oil drinkable for contemporary tastes. To get the layered flavors just right, blenders experimented extensively with ripening fruits, citrus essences, spices, herbs, and custom nut milk bases. The carefully crafted ingredient medleys complement and balance the Partanna olive oil’s innate grassy, peppery notes. Every ingredient contributes compelling flavor as well as nutritional assets.

For example, the vibrant pink-hued Strawberry & Lemon Oleato features succulent sweet strawberry swirled with Partanna EVOO and lively notes of lemon – not only providing berry brightness but delivering valuable antioxidants like vitamin C. The Emerald Oleato blend of zesty lime, refreshing cucumber, and ultra-hydrating coconut milk creates an invigorating tropical vibe along with a mega serving of skin-glowing silica. No matter your nutritional needs or taste preferences, there’s bound to be an Oleato custom-designed just for you.

A Wellspring of Wellness In Every Sip

While the tantalizing flavor may be the initial allure of Oleato beverages, their impressive nutritional resumes are arguably the real stars of the show. From blood pressure and cholesterol balance to glowing complexion and eased inflammation, olive oil is associated with wellness in many wondrous ways. Oleato drinks from Starbucks allow you to reap these wholesome benefits in a convenient, delicious fashion.  

The integrative blends of fruits, spices, and alternative milk also boost the functional factor with their standout nutritional offerings – we’re looking at you, collagen-rich almond milk, and potassium-packed coconut water. Topped with invigorating mint, immunity-boosting turmeric, or protein-packed pistachios, every ingredient is carefully considered for maximum nutrition and vitality.

The Future Is Fruity…With A Healthy Pour Of Olive Oil

Oleato by Starbucks represents an innovative new way to experience olive oil along with paradigm-shifting beverage inspiration. This category-defying line challenges assumptions of what refreshment looks, tastes, and functions like – all while delivering sensorial joy and wellness virtue with every sip. It celebrates the ancient legacy of olive oil while propelling it boldly into the future.  

If the runaway success of other Starbucks wellness-forward offerings like Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices is any indication, Oleato’s juxtaposition of accessibility and nutrition just may make olive oil drinks the next big thing. The availability of Oleato as a grab-and-go item on Starbucks’ extensive retail menu makes incorporating this budding healthy habit into busy modern lifestyles easier than ever.

Starbucks has demonstrated time and again their uncanny ability to turn obscure ingredients like açaí berries or finely aged single-estate cocoa beans into mass retail sensations with their Midas touch. All signs point to olive oil following suit – and your local barista can’t wait to get the hunger-inducing, health-restoring swirl of Oleato into your hands. So next time the iced coffee just isn’t hitting the spot, why not give Oleato a try? Your mind, body, and tastebuds will thank you.

Pros & Cons

Here are some potential pros and cons of Starbucks’ Oleato olive oil drinks:


  • Provides healthy fats and antioxidants
  • Drinks have unique, appealing flavors
  • Offers olive oil’s health benefits
  • Provides dairy-free options for vegans/dairy intolerant
  • Most drinks are gluten-free
  • Convenient, grab-and-go beverages on the Starbucks menu
  • Could introduce more people to the health benefits of olive oil


  • Higher in calories/fat compared to plain coffee/tea drinks
  • Olive oil taste could be off-putting for some consumers
  • Priced higher than basic iced coffee/tea options
  • Not all drinks are vegan or gluten-free (need to check)
  • Taste could be too unusual for widespread popularity
  • Supply issues if the olive oil crop has a bad harvest one year
  • Packaging waste from single-use cups and straws
  • Effects of emulsifying oil on health benefits unknown
  • Diet claims like “heart healthy” are not evaluated by FDA


Here are some frequently asked questions about Starbucks’ new Oleato olive oil drinks:

What health benefits does olive oil offer?

From heart and brain health to glowing skin, easing inflammation, and beyond, olive oil has been associated with a multitude of wellness perks. Oleato allows you to enjoy these protective compounds in handy drink form thanks to the starring role of antioxidant-rich Italian extra virgin olive oil.

What do the drinks taste like?

Each Oleato creation has a unique flavor profile, but they all share an uplifting fruit and citrus sweetness mellowed out by creamy nut milk and complemented by the peppery finish of high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Partanna, Sicily. Flavor options range from vibrant blood orange to coconutty tropical.

Will Oleato be available nationwide? 

After successful regional testing, Starbucks plans to roll Oleato out across the vast majority of U.S. locations in 2023 with further international expansion slated soon after. Check your favorite local store for availability details as the Oleato launch progresses.

Is this Starbucks’ first olive oil product?

While it’s their boldest embrace of the ingredient yet, Starbucks has previously featured olive oil in other offerings like salad dressings and tomato-olive oil loaf slices. The stellar response inspired the incorporation of EVOO’s virtues into ready-to-drink form with Oleato.

Does the olive oil make Oleato drinks fatty or high in calories?

Thanks to precise emulsification techniques, the olive oil in Oleato integrates seamlessly into the beverages without oily separation or mouthfeel. The fat and calorie counts are comparable to similar chilled coffee and tea-based drinks.

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