5 Reasons Why You Should Get a CVS Flu Shot


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Getting an annual flu shot is the best way to reduce your risk and prevent spreading influenza to others. CVS Pharmacy provides a convenient and accessible option for flu vaccinations. With over 9,900 retail locations nationwide, read on for five reasons why CVS is an ideal choice for your seasonal flu shot.

The Importance of Getting Vaccinated

Fever, chills, and body aches are some of the symptoms of influenza, a dangerous respiratory illness. The flu usually resolves on its own, but complications can be severe or even life-threatening.. Getting vaccinated doesn’t just protect you from getting sick, it prevents spreading the influenza virus to more vulnerable populations. The CDC recommends that every person 6 months and older get a flu shot each year.

CVS makes it easy and affordable to follow this medical advice. With preventative health being a pillar of CVS services, protecting communities is a top priority.

Convenience and Accessibility

With almost 10,000 pharmacy locations throughout the country, CVS offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility for flu shots. Walk-in vaccinations make getting protected this flu season quick and simple. Extended evening and weekend hours accommodate busy schedules when doctor’s offices are closed. Same day and next day appointments can be easily scheduled online or through the CVS app.

For extra precaution during the ongoing pandemic, CVS has implemented safety measures like additional cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines, and face covering requirements. Flu shot clinics are optimally designed for safe and efficient immunization.

Expertise You Can Trust

CVS pharmacists complete extensive immunization training programs before administering any vaccines. Flu shot regulations and clinical recommendations are strictly followed to ensure proper vaccination technique and dosage. Pharmacists are readily available to address concerns about health history, possible side effects, and more.

Flu shots are provided quickly and accurately so you can get in, get protected, and be on your way. Resources are also offered to easily access immunization records.

Affordable Pricing

The cost of a flu shot through CVS is often significantly lower than at your primary care physician with prices generally ranging from $40-$60 without insurance. Additional discounts and promotional offers like a 20% off flu shot voucher make CVS an affordable option for those with and without medical insurance.

CVS flu shot insurance

Many health insurance plans have provisions that fully cover the cost flu shots from in-network pharmacies like CVS. Even most Medicare Part B plans include vaccinations. Providing access for seniors to vital immunization resources is a priority. Submitting claims is easy with options to upload insurance info digitally right through the CVS Pharmacy app.

This Flu Season, Choose CVS

When searching for the most convenient, affordable, and accessible option for flu shots this season, look no further than your local CVS. By protecting yourself and your community from influenza, we all benefit from fewer lost days of work and less illness spreading to vulnerable populations. Listen to CDC recommendations and health experts by scheduling your annual flu shot today. Through quick and accurate immunization, CVS is working to keep us all healthy.


Are CVS Flu Shots Effective?

Yes, the flu shots administered at CVS are highly effective at preventing influenza when they contain the strains of viruses that end up circulating that season. They are developed by medical experts to protect against projected prominent flu strains each year. CVS flu shots follow CDC recommendations for composition and administration.

How Often Should You Get a CVS Flu Shot?

The CDC recommends getting one flu shot per flu season, ideally in early Fall before flu season begins. Because flu strains change each year, annual vaccination with the current vaccine is necessary for fully updated protection. Adults need one flu shot from CVS or other health providers every year.

Is CVS Flu Shot Good if You’re Pregnant?

Yes, pregnancy is on the CDC’s list of reasons people should get a flu shot. Flu shots are safe, effective and recommended for pregnant people who are at higher risk for flu complications. CVS administers thousands of flu shots to pregnant people each year to protect mothers and babies.

Where Can You Get a CVS Flu Shot?

Flu shots are available at MinuteClinic walk-in medical clinics located inside select CVS stores. No appointment is necessary and extended evening/weekend hours provide accessibility. You can also get flu shots at any CVS Pharmacy or drive-through Pharmacy location by making an immunization appointment online or through the CVS app.

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