How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?


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how long do shrooms last

While a shroom trip may only last 4-8 hours, metabolites can remain detectable for 1-3 days generally. With advanced testing, psilocin residue can appear for weeks afterwards, especially for those using frequently or in higher amounts.

How Long Shroom High Last?

Most shroom trips last for 4-6 hours which includes the onset, peak, and comedown effects. However, lower doses may produce a shorter trip of only 3-4 hours. Higher doses can prolong the effects to 6-8 hours.

Here’s a look at the basic timeline:

Onset of effects: 20-60 minutes

Peak effects: 2-3 hours

Comedown effects: 1-3 hours

4-6 hours total duration

What to Expect During a Shroom Trip?

A shroom trip generally includes a mix of physical, emotional and psychological effects that unfold over the duration of several hours:

Come up – increased energy, euphoria, changes in visual perception like enhanced colors

Peak – sensory distortions, difficulty focusing, philosophical thoughts, out of body feelings

Come down – reflection on experiences, increased yawning, relaxed mood


The intensity of the trip will depend on the dosage with lower doses causing subtle effects while higher doses can induce hallucinations and “tripping” detachment from reality. Most recreational doses fall in the modest range.

Factors Influencing Shroom Duration and Intensity

Several factors impact both the intensity and duration of a shroom trip including:

Dosage – higher doses substantially increase trip duration and effects

Tolerance – frequent use leads to tolerance which reduces effects

Potency – potency varies amongst different shroom strains

Method – tea, lemon extract, eating raw, all influence come up time

Interactions – mixing with other drugs alters the experience

Visual hallucinations – seeing geometric patterns, distortions in color/depth perception

Altered sense of time and space

Enhanced introspection – profound thoughts and insights

Elevated or euphoric mood

Sense of connection to others and nature

Considering these factors allows proper adjustments of timing and dosage. Always start low, at least for the initial use until you know how you respond.

Shelf Life and Proper Storage of Shrooms

When stored properly in an airtight container in the freezer, shrooms can last 6 months or more without losing much potency. Keeping them cold, dark and dry is ideal for preservation. After about a year, even frozen shrooms start degrading as the psilocybin turns to psilocin which breaks down faster.

But what about detectable time in the body? Traces of psilocin can appear in initial urine samples for 1-3 days after use. For heavy or chronic users, urine tests can detect psilocin for up to a week. Blood tests can reveal psilocin for 6-12 hours after last use.

Hair tests for employment and court ordered rehab programs can also pick up traces of psilocin for around 90 days. But most standard drug screens do not actually test for psilocin or psilocybin.


So in summary, the traces of the psilocin metabolites can remain detectable in the body for 1-3 days afterwards in standard urine tests. For heavy mushroom users, psilocin residue may appear in urine screens for 5-7+ days after the last dose. Hair tests can reveal psilocin for up to 90 days as well. So while the subjective psychedelic experience is relatively short-lived, biochemical remnants of shrooms can persist in the body’s system for several days or weeks depending on testing methodology. Understanding both the duration of effects and detection windows is helpful for those exploring these consciousness-expanding fungi.  

FAQs of how long do shrooms last 

How long do shrooms stay in your blood?

Psilocin can be detected in blood tests for 6-12 hours after taking shrooms. Blood tests do not have a very long detection window for the compounds in shrooms.

Can shrooms be detected in hair tests?

Yes, the psilocin metabolites can be detected with hair follicle tests up to around 90 days after ingestion. But most common drug tests do not analyze for shrooms or psilocybin.

What factors affect how long shrooms stay detectable?

The dosing amount and frequency of use has a strong influence on how long shrooms stay in your system. Those using higher doses or dosing shrooms more regularly will have longer detection times. Age, body chemistry and sensitivity to psilocybin also play a role.

How long do the visual and mental effects last?

Shrooms typically produce visual, emotional, and psychological effects for about 4-6 hours after dosing with some residual effects lingering longer. Very high mega doses can extend this to 8+ hours.

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