How to Cancel Your LA Fitness Membership Step-by-Step Guide


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Wondering how to cancel your LA Fitness membership? Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your LA Fitness membership online. To cancel, you’ll need to either visit your home gym in person, send a cancellation letter by certified mail, or pause your membership. Here’s a step-by-step guide to canceling via each method.

In-Person Cancellation at Your Gym

Here are the steps you can cancel your gym:

  1. Visit your home gym and ask the front desk for the operations manager.
  2. Politely inform the operations manager you wish to cancel your membership. Provide your name and membership details.
  3. The operator manager will likely try to retain you by offering a free training session or discount. Politely decline any offers if you wish to cancel.
  4. If the operations manager is unavailable, leave your contact information and request they call you back to process the cancellation.
  5. Once you’ve informed the operations manager, your membership will be canceled within 1-10 days.
  6. Request a confirmation receipt showing proof of your cancellation.

Cancellation When the Operations Manager is Available

  1. Visit your home gym during normal business hours on a weekday when the operations manager is mostly likely to be available.
  2. Request to speak to the operations manager at the front desk. Politely inform the staff you need to cancel your membership.
  3. When the operations manager arrives, clearly state your intent to cancel your LA Fitness membership, along with your full name and membership details.
  4. The operations manager may try to retain your membership by offering discounts on membership fees, a free training session, or other promotions. Politely decline any offers if your intent is still to cancel the membership outright.
  5. If you simply wish to freeze rather than fully cancel, inquire about placing your membership on inactive status or medical hold instead. These options avoid needing to enroll as a new member later on.
  6. Once your cancellation request is accepted by the operations manager, they can process the cancellation within 30-60 minutes in most cases. This involves deactivating your member access credentials and membership billing.

Cancellation When the Operations Manager is Unavailable

Here is the step by step guide of canceling your gym plan when manager isn’t available:

  1. Ask what time the operations manager will be available for you to return. Typically, weekday daytime hours are best.
  2. Return within 1-2 days during the hours specified to meet the operations manager.
  3. Follow steps 2-5 above to process your cancellation in-person.
  4. If you cannot return in person soon, consider the mail cancellation process below.

Membership Cancellation by Mail

If you’re unable to visit your gym in a reasonable timeframe, you can cancel by certified mail instead:

  1. Write a cancellation letter stating your intent to cancel your LA Fitness membership. Date and sign the letter.
  2. A copy for your records should be printed along with the original letter.
  3. Mail one copy by Certified US Mail (return receipt requested) to the gym address listed on your billing statements.
  4. Keep the mailing receipt and return receipt until your membership cancellation is confirmed.
  5. Your membership will be cancelled within 7-10 days after LA Fitness receives your mailed cancellation notice.

Once cancelled by any method, your membership access cards will be deactivated. You cannot reactivate a cancelled membership, but will need to enroll again as a new member if desired later on.


While LA Fitness does not offer an online cancellation option, members can cancel memberships relatively easily in person, by mail, or by pausing an account indefinitely. Be prepared for retention offers and attempts to keep you signed up. But be firm in your request to cancel if you wish to end your membership.

FAQs of How to cancel la fitness membership:

Q: Can I cancel my LA Fitness membership by email or phone?

A: No, cancellations are only accepted in person, by certified mail, or by indefinite pause.

Q: When does cancellation take effect?

A: Cancellation takes 1-10 days to fully process once initiated through authorized methods.

Q: Can I reactivate a cancelled membership?

A: No, once an LA Fitness membership is cancelled it cannot be reactivated. You’ll have to join again as a new member.

Q: What if the operations manager keeps refusing my cancellation request?

A: Politely escalate to the general manager if the direct operations manager continues to refuse membership cancellation without cause.

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