What is the importance of Men’s Mental Health Month?


Men's Mental Health Month

The first Men’s Mental Health Month was launched in the United States in 2019 by therapists and advocates who recognized a need for greater understanding of male psychology and tailored treatment options. The campaign has since expanded globally as a collaborative effort to provide education, support men in crisis, and inspire lifestyle changes for better wellbeing. Discussing these topics openly can encourage more men to access treatment.

Why Men’s Mental Health is Important

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Unmanaged stress takes a toll in the form of high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, digestive issues and more. Alternatively, improving mental fitness with self-care, therapy, meditation, etc. has shown to alleviate physical symptoms too. Taking a whole-person approach links mental and physical health.

Relationships Suffer Without Emotional Tools

Bottling up feelings and failing to nurture intimate relationships can leave men feeling empty, angry and alone. On the other hand, developing communication tactics, coping strategies and embracing vulnerability cultivates better personal connections that enhance life’s meaning.

Breaking Stigmas Requires Openness

The more everyday people talk about men seeking help for anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., the more these experiences are normalized and deemed socially acceptable. Humanizing struggles by putting a real face to them builds empathy and erodes outdated stigmas.

Why Is There a Men’s Health Month?

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While general mental health awareness months focus on the wider population, Men’s Mental Health Month confronts troubling statistics that demonstrate men are less likely to seek help. Social conditioning teaches boys and men to be strong, stoic providers who solve problems independently. Vulnerability and asking for assistance when struggling often goes against the masculine grain. Providing resources specifically targeting men aims to overcome these barriers.

Why Is Men’s Mental Health Month Ignored?

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Unfortunately, men’s mental and emotional health continues to be stigmatized throughout society. Outdated gender roles posit that males should handle personal issues privately without “complaining.” Some men fear judgment for struggling with conditions wrongly perceived as “weak.” Many have trouble articulating feelings and may self-medicate with risky behaviors like substance abuse. Educating the public to see men’s mental health challenges through an empathetic, progressive lens remains an ongoing need.

When Is Men’s Mental Health Week?

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Within June’s Men’s Mental Health Month is the Men’s Mental Health Week campaign. In 2023, it will run from June 12-18 with a mission to normalize open conversations while highlighting prevention and treatment. The week promotes workshops, fundraisers, social media engagement, and free resources so men can assess their mental health and learn coping strategies or access care.

3 Essential Things to Remember About Men’s Mental Health Month

5 Truths Everyone Needs To Know About Men's Mental Health

  • First, mental health disorders can manifest differently in men who are less likely to show “typical” symptoms. Paying attention to anger, risk-taking, escapism, or loss of interest can reveal an underlying problem. 
  • Second, a proactive approach to getting annual checkups for both physical and mental health leads to earlier treatment if necessary. 
  • Finally, language matters. Using positive vocabulary like “seeking help” rather than “getting fixed” encourages men to invest in their mental health journey.


Men’s mental health struggles are real, common, and treatable. Society needs to discard outdated assumptions that strength equals silence. Challenging stigma by engaging in open conversations, plus making education and treatment resources more available to men sets a foundation for better understanding and nurturing psyche – not just during June’s awareness campaign, but year-round.


Q: Is Men’s Mental Health Month only for men?

A: Not at all! The issues highlighted this month impact everyone – women, friends, family members, colleagues, etc. All allies are encouraged to show support.

Q: Where can I find free mental health resources for men?

A: Many organizations like Movember and Mind offer therapy guides, online screening tools, podcasts, and live chat options specifically around supporting men.

Q: What should I do if I notice symptoms of mental distress in a man I care about?

A: Compassionately listening without judgment is critical in that moment. You can help them identify shifts from normal mood or behavior, encourage openness about struggles, and research treatment options when they feel ready. Accompanying a friend to the first therapy consultation can also offer comfort.

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