What is Twisted Tea Light?


twisted tea light

Twisted Tea Light is lighter, smooth hard iced tea made with original black tea and lemon flavour. Keep reading to learn more about this prevelent Twisted Tea variety pack.

Benefits of Twisted Tea Light

The advantages of Twisted Tea Light include:

  • Fewer calories and carbs
  • Lower alcohol content 
  • Lighter, more hydrating formula
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Real-brewed black tea base
  • Fruit-flavored variety to suit any taste
  • Convenient single-serve can packaging
  • Cost-effective 12-pack 

With just 100 calories and 4g carbs per can, Twisted Tea Light lets you enjoy refreshing hard iced tea flavor without the steep calorie and carb toll taken by regular Twisted Tea. This makes it easier to imbibe multiple cans without worrying about your health goals.

The lower 4% ABV is also a perk for many drinkers. Twisted Tea Light uses no fake flavorings or sweeteners. It has real tea leaves and fruit essences flavors like peach, raspberry, and lemonade. It’s affordable refreshment for gatherings large and small.

Twisted Light Tea Downsides

Here are some potential downsides or cons to consider about Twisted Tea Light:

  • While no artificial sweeteners are used, it does contain natural sweeteners like cane sugar to produce some of the fruit flavors.
  • As a flavored malt beverage rather than a plain tea, health-conscious consumers may critique additives like malted barley and inherent processing/preservatives used to produce a shelf-stable canned tea. Not as “healthy” as freshly brewed tea with lemon. 
  • The convenience of portable aluminum cans also generates more packaging waste compared to homemade beverages. Not as eco-friendly.
  • Being sold in a 12-pack encourages purchase of a larger quantity at once which could prompt excess consumption without proper self-control.
  • Though affordably priced, over time buying canned tea regularly could get more expensive than making your own at home.

Downsides revolve around it still being a less-healthy alcohol-spiked canned tea with additives, sweeteners, and packaging waste produced on a mass scale. Moderation and self-control would still be required to consume it as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Suggested Uses

Twisted Tea Light’s lighter alcohol profile and variety of fruit flavors make it extremely versatile for many drinking scenarios such as:

  • Beach days and pool parties
  • Summer barbecues and cookouts 
  • Bonfires and camping trips
  • Fairgrounds and amusement parks 
  • Golf, softball, washers and other yard games
  • Picnics, Trail Mixes and light snacks

The 12-ounce cans are perfectly portable for bringing to any warm-weather outing. The lower alcohol kick allows you to responsibly enjoy multiple cans for sustained refreshment that hydrates like a tea-based drink should. Different flavors cater to different preferences – from the sweetness of Peach to the zingy tartness of Raspberry. 

Twisted Tea Light also pairs well with a variety of foods. For example:

  • Hot dogs, burgers, brats
  • Fried fairground foods
  • Tex-Mex cuisine 
  • Savory pies like chicken pot pie
  • Meat and cheese trays
  • Salads and light appetizers

Alternatively, Twisted Tea Light makes a fine aperitif all its own – no pairing required! Crack open an icy can to start any casual dinner or pre-game party.  

Thanks to portion control, Twisted Tea Light enables responsible outdoor enjoyment for drinkers 21+. However, please remember to drink in moderation and never drive intoxicated.

Difference Between Original Tea and Twisted Tea Light

Here are the differences.


  • Twisted Tea Light comes with 100 calories 
  • Regular Twisted Tea comes with 196 


  • Twisted Tea Light has 4g carbs per 12 oz can
  • Regular Twisted Tea has 24g carbs per 12 oz can

Alcohol content

  • Twisted Tea Light is 4% alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • Regular Twisted Tea is 5% ABV

Flavor varieties

  • Twisted Tea Light comes in a 12-pack with Raspberry, Peach, and Half & Half (Arnold Palmer) flavors
  • Regular Twisted Tea just has the classic original tea flavor


  • Twisted Tea Light uses natural sweeteners like cane sugar
  • Regular Twisted Tea likely uses more added sweeteners to produce its sweeter, fuller-calorie taste.


With just 100 calories and 4g of carbs per slim 12 oz can, the tea has a significantly lower calorie count than regular 196-calorie Twisted Tea. The lower 4% ABV also provides a less intense alcohol kick for more casual and extended drinking sessions.

This 12-pack features a variety of flavors including Raspberry, Peach, and Half & Half – making it easy to enjoy a range of fruity tea tastes at your next picnic, barbecue, or sunny patio day. Made with real tea, fruit flavors, and added cane sugar, Twisted Tea Light provides a sweet icied tea profile without using artificial sweeteners or fake flavoring agents.Real tea and fruit flavors provide pure refreshment. And at any outdoor event or laidback gathering this summer, Twisted Tea Light in a variety pack adds fun flavor options for crowd variety. Give it a try this summer!FAQs


Can you drink Twisted Tea Light all day?

The lower 100 calories, carbs, and 4% ABV make Twisted Tea Light easier to drink in longer sessions than heavier beers or original Twisted Tea. However, still drink responsibly!

Is Twisted Tea Light available year-round or seasonal?

Currently Twisted Tea Light is produced year-round, not just as a seasonal or limited-edition product. Look for it in the cooler whenever tea and flavor call!

Are diabetics drink Twisted Tea Light?

Yes, in moderation. While the carbs and sugars are reduced compared to regular soda or alcohol, diabetics should still count Twisted Tea Light towards their daily allotment. No more than 1-2 cans is recommended.

Is Twisted Tea Light sold warm or only cold? 

You’ll only find Twisted Tea Light sold cold in retailers’ refrigerated sections, not on any warm or room temperature shelves. It’s optimized to be served chilled!

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