How to Schedule a CVS Flu Shot Appointment


cvs flu shot appointment

As fall transitions into winter, flu season begins ramping up. The convenience of CVS’s flu shot program makes getting vaccinated easy. Scheduling an appointment ahead of time online or through the CVS app saves the hassle of waiting in line at a walk-in clinic. Read on to learn why getting a flu shot matters and how to secure a CVS flu shot appointment.

Understanding CVS Flu Shot Options

CVS Pharmacy provides several flu shot options to meet patient needs:

  • Standard Flu Shot: Approved for patients 6 months and older
  • High-Dose Flu Shot: Approved for patients 65 years and older
  • Egg-Free Flu Shot: For patients with egg allergies

CVS offers both walk-in flu shots on a first-come, first-served basis and scheduled appointments for your convenience. Scheduling ahead secures your place and time rather than waiting on standby.

How To Schedule A CVS Flu Shot Appointment

Scheduling your flu shot appointment at CVS is simple through the CVS website or mobile app.


  1. Log into your CVS account or create an account if new to CVS
  2. Under “Immunizations” select “Schedule an immunization”
  3. Fill out the registration form indicating:
  • Date/time preference
  • Vaccine type
  • Medical history
  • Insurance Details

Review details and confirm your appointment

On the CVS Pharmacy App:

  1. Download app and log into your CVS account
  2. Tap on “Immunizations”
  3. Select “Schedule Now”
  4. Enter details on vaccine type, medical history, insurance coverage
  5. Confirm appointment date/time

That’s it! After scheduling, you’ll receive an email confirmation to present at your visit.

Tips For Seamless Flu Shot Appointments

Streamline your CVS flu shot appointment with these tips:

  • Arrive early – Come 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time
  • Complete forms beforehand – Print and fill out the vaccine consent form
  • Bring identification – Photo ID and insurance card if applicable
  • Wear accessible clothing – Wear a loose short-sleeve shirt to bare your arm
  • Stay relaxed – Use breathing techniques or distraction if nervous about shots
  • Ask questions – Speak up about any concerns with the pharmacist

Following these simple guidelines makes the vaccination process fast and straightforward so you can check this health task off your list!

Don’t Let Flu Season Catch You Off Guard

Booking your flu shot appointment early with CVS Pharmacy helps protect against the influenza viruses expected this season. Scheduling an immunization through the CVS website or mobile app brings convenience to this vital part of seasonal health and wellness. Call your local pharmacy if you have any other questions before your visit. Here’s to staying happy and healthy this flu season!


Getting vaccinated against the seasonal flu is one of the best ways to protect both individual and community health. The convenience of securing a flu shot appointment ahead of time at CVS Pharmacy makes maintaining this vital wellness measure straightforward. Using the user-friendly CVS website or mobile app to schedule an immunization saves the hassle of walk-in clinic waits. By following a few simple guidelines, patients can streamline the vaccination process for a seamless experience. Protecting yourself against the flu supports public health and saves the potential medical costs and consequences of flu complications. Don’t let the flu season take you by surprise. Schedule your annual CVS flu shot today for your best line of defense against influenza this winter.


When can I get a flu shot at CVS?

Flu shots are available at CVS beginning in August through the fall and winter months. CVS offers both walk-in flu shots and scheduled flu shot appointments for convenience.

Does CVS accept insurance for flu shots?

Yes, CVS accepts insurance for a flu shot. 

How much does it cost to get a flu shot at CVS without insurance?

$40/50 for a patient that is not insured at CVS. The high dose flu shot for seniors and egg-free flu shot cost a bit more at around $75-85.

What age groups can get a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy?

CVS provides CDC-approved flu shots for patients ages 6 months and older. For children younger than age 4 getting vaccinated for the first time, two doses spaced four weeks apart may be recommended.

Why choose CVS for your annual flu shot?

Getting your flu shot at CVS is convenient because you can book an appointment online ahead of time that fits your schedule. CVS offers evening and weekend flu shot appointments to accommodate different needs.

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