Ways to Score an Inexpensive Skincare Fridge Cheap


skincare fridge cheap

A skincare fridge allows you to properly store your expensive serums, masks, beauty products to preserve their integrity and maximize their shelf life. But these fridges can be pricey. 

Skincare Fridge Cheap You must Buy

Here are some top budget-friendly picks:

Cooluli Mini Fridge

One of Amazon’s best selling mini fridges, it’s less than $50 for the 10-liter capacity model. It comes in fun colors, is lightweight and portable.

Chefman Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge

Priced under $65, this sleek 4-liter fridge in black has an elegant mirrored glass door. It’s compact and silent when operating.

Factory Portable Beauty Fridge

This cute pink mini fridge is specifically designed for skincare and holds 6 liters. It features adjustable temperature control from 32°F-64°F to suit various beauty products. The Facetory fridge is lightweight at only 7.28 pounds and compact making it travel-friendly. And at only $40, it’s easy on the wallet!

Beauty Mini Fridge 12l

With a 12 liter capacity, this mini fridge by RCA is perfect for the vanity to hold far more serums, tools, sheet masks and more. It’s available in black, pink or white to mix and match any décor and priced affordably at under $90. Temperature adjusts from 32°F-50°F.

AstroAI Mini Fridge

On Amazon, this AstroAI mini fridge has over 12,000 positive reviews and costs under $50. Offering 4 liters capacity in shades like mint green, pink, blue, white or black – it’s cute and functional! Features include adjustable temperature, energy efficiency and ultra quiet operation. Portable at only 7.7 pounds too!

Crownful Mini Fridge

An ultra-affordable option, the Crownless 4 liter mini fridge is just $39.99. Designed for beauty and skincare products, it features an adjustable thermostat, sleek black finish, whisper quiet operation and built-in LED lights. It’s portable and energy efficient – costing only around $4 annually to run!

Teami Blends Luxe Skincare Fridge

For under $75, the Teami Blends fridge is crafted specifically for beauty products with features like temperature control, a shelf for organization and acrylic mirrored glass door. Holding 6 liters, this fridge comes in white, pink or mint and has a 30-day risk free trial. As a reputable brand for wellness products, Teami Blends offers great quality and warranty.

Tips To Buy Skincare Fridge Cheap

Here are 9 tips to score one on a budget:

  • Wait for sales events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday when appliances like mini fridges see major deals.
  • Check resale sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace for second hand mini fridges in good condition.
  • Opt for a smaller 1-2 liter capacity fridge over larger ones to save money. These tiny fridges use less energy too.
  • Consider portable and non-electric USB powered fridges that don’t need to be plugged in. These are usually cheaper than electric models.
  • Search for bundle deals that include free gifts or accessories with beauty fridge purchases.
  • Join loyalty programs of appliance and beauty retailers to earn points and get notified of special offers.
  • Buy an off-brand skincare fridge from retailers like Walmart rather than big names like Cooluli and Teami Blends.
  • Look for refurbished products which undergo strict testing and have warranties.
  • Use coupons, cashback offers, rebates and credit card rewards when making your skincare fridge purchase.

Stick to simple models with minimal features over high-tech digital displays to get better deals.

Final Words

In summary, check sales events, resale sites, bundle offers and refurbished deals when shopping for an inexpensive skincare fridge for under $100. Prioritize functionality over fancy features and space oversized to save money.

FAQs of Skincare Fridge Cheap

How much do skincare fridges cost?

Skincare fridges range from $40 to $200+ depending on size, features and brands. Budget options under $100 provide the basic functionality to prolong beauty product shelf life.

Are portable skincare fridges any good?

Yes, portable USB powered fridges are energy efficient, affordable and practical for storing skincare products while traveling or small spaces. Rechargeable battery packs prolong usage.

What temperature should skincare fridges be set to?

Between 35°F to 66°F to extend the potency and prevent deterioration of serums, beauty oils and masks for the optimal product fridge chill.

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