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cvs flu shot 2021

With flu season right around the corner, it’s important to get your annual flu shot to protect yourself and loved ones from influenza. Getting vaccinated is easy and convenient at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations nationwide. Read on to learn why CVS is the best choice for your flu shot this year.

Convenience and Accessibility of CVS flu Shots

First, let’s review the importance of getting a flu shot every flu season. It’s recommended to get vaccinated at least six months old. CVS makes getting vaccinated safe, fast and simple. With over 9,900 retail pharmacy locations and 1,100 walk-in medical clinics, there is easy access with extended evening and weekend hours. Plus, patients appreciate the expertise of knowledgeable pharmacists and clinicians who administer shots.

Why Choose CVS for Your Flu Shot

There are many good reasons why CVS is the convenient and trusted choice for flu shots this season. CVS has a long track record of safely providing vaccinations to millions of people of all ages. Their trained and experienced pharmacists are experts in immunization techniques. Rather than waiting for a doctor’s appointment, you can simply walk into your neighborhood CVS pharmacy or MinuteClinic for your flu shot. With extended evening and weekend hours, it is easy to fit a vaccination visit around your schedule.

What to Expect at CVS for Your Flu Shot

Getting vaccinated at CVS is safe, quick and easy:

  1. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone, or just walk right in.
  2. Provide basic personal information, including any health insurance information.
  3. Consult with the pharmacist about which type of flu shot is right for you based on age, health status and personal preference. CVS offers standard, high-dose and egg-free flu shot options.
  4. The friendly pharmacist provides the injection, which only takes a few seconds.
  5. Receive a vaccination card documenting you received the shot.
  6. Be on your way and rest assured you protected yourself and the community from the flu.

Benefits of Getting Your Flu Shot at CVS

Beyond convenience and accessibility, there are even more advantages to getting your flu shot at CVS:

Affordable rates: 

Most insurance is accepted, or pay just $40-60 out of pocket.

Shop and save: 

Get your flu shot while picking up prescriptions, shopping for essentials or printing photos.

Earn rewards: 

CVS ExtraCare members earn 2% back in ExtraBucks rewards for qualified vaccinations.

Complete care: 

While getting your shot, consult the pharmacist about other health needs.

Added protection: 

Ask about shingles, pneumonia, tetanus or other vaccinations you may be due for.

This flu season, don’t delay – get your flu shot the fast, easy and affordable way at your local CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic. Protect yourself with peace of mind knowing you can conveniently get vaccinated by trusted healthcare professionals.


Getting your annual flu shot is an important preventative measure to protect community health. CVS provides a trusted, convenient and affordable option for flu vaccinations this season. Contact your local CVS pharmacy or MinuteClinic today to get vaccinated against the flu quickly and safely.


Why Should You Consider Getting a CVS Flu Shot in 2021?

A CVS flu shot provides easy access, convenience, affordability and rewards along with trusted care from qualified healthcare professionals.

What Are the Available Options for CVS Flu Shots in 2021?

CVS offers standard, high-dose and egg-free flu shot options to provide protection based on patient age and health status. Ask your pharmacist for advice on which is best for you.

When Is the Best Time to Get Your Flu Shot at CVS in 2021?

It is recommended that you get your flu vaccination by the end of October. However, CVS provides shots throughout flu season with flexible hours, so you can go anytime it fits your schedule.

How Can You Prepare for Your CVS Flu Shot in 2021?

No extensive preparation is needed. Determine if your health insurance is accepted. Consider asking for other needed vaccines for convenience.

What Should You Expect During Your CVS Flu Shot in 2021?

The process is quick and easy. Check in and complete forms. Consult with the pharmacist if unsure which vaccine option is right for you. The injection takes seconds then you receive a shot record. Expect a caring experience by qualified immunizers.

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